Professional Fishing and Chartering Services : (Family owned and operated)

The Blue Mesa Guide Service, LLC
1840 Biron Road
Montrose, Co. 81401

BMGS offers full service fishing services year round on the Blue Mesa Lake located in beautiful Gunnison Colorado. Our are certified Coast Guard and Trained and license


We have a "you catch'em we clean'um policy". Just bring a cooler and we will fill it with ice and your cleaned fish. We also take time to provide service to the handicapped and elderly. If you need special services or equipment for your loved one please contact us in advance so we can secure a place for your special needs. We can also customize any trip to include stop over's at other lake locations and extended stay overnight camping trips. 


-Trophy Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout and Brown fishing Blue Mesa Lake-

The Lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) is a freshwater is really char living in the Blue Mesa Lake. Other names for it include mackinaw, lake char (or charr), touladi, togue, and grey trout. The state record lake trout was caught in the Blue Mesa Lake and weighed over 50 lbs. Blue Mesa Lake also has an abundant supply of brown and rainbow trout. They can be caught almost anywhere in the lake in sizes up to 10 - 15 lbs.

Packing Horses across mountain river


-Kokanee Salmon of the Blue Mesa Lake-

Kokanee are blue tinged with silver in color while in the Blue Mesa Lake. The salmon spawn are raised in the Roaring Judy Fish hatchery up river in the Gunnison river. They are released as fry in to the Gunnison river and eventually migrate in to the Blue Mesa Lake. The young fish, known as fry, spend up to three to four years in the freshwater lake before migrating back up the Gunnison river to spawn (August-October) at the hatchery where they were originally released. Some may stay in the lake and do not migrate. Blue Mesa salmon can range up to 4 to 5 pounds when they reach full maturity. They are great to catch and even better to eat if you manage to catch some.

Guide School instructor fly fishing on gunnison river

-Wilderness Fly Fishing Cebolla Creek and Lake Fork River-

There are 3 large rivers that flow into the Blue Mesa Lake. The Gunnison, Lake Fork and Cebolla rivers. All three host large rainbow and brown trout for a life time trip to flyfish any one of them. BMGS travels up each fork by boat to give you the best opportunity to catch a luger on your fly line.


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